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Ute Aurand, Schweigend ins Gespräch vertieft (1980)
6 November 2021
Corporal Interventions:
Ute Aurand

After a quite long summer break, attaqueer le visible is starting its autumn season with 5 beautiful films of Ute Aurand.


27 July 2021
Corporal Interventions: Aus heiterem Himmel

20 July 2021
About 40 years ago, 9 female artists collaborated in an episodic film called Aus heiterem Himmel (OUT OF THE BLUE). With this collective activity they wanted to express their common will to make a statement against the nuclear threat during the Cold War.

Intervie Gabriele Kahnert
Gabriele Kahnert

21 June 2021

Learn about the Super 8 film practice of Gabriele Kahnert, about her collaborations with Dagie Brundert and the filmprogrammes with Schmelzdahin!

Interview Dagie Brundert

Dagie Brundert

6 June 2021

Find out about the legendary "Salatfilm" and what exactly is the caffenol...

Interview with Dagie Brundert

Corporal Interventions: Brundert & Kahnert
8-13 June
Corporal Interventions:
Brundert & Kahnert

1 June 2021

Attention Super 8 film attack!
Do you know the legendary salad film by Dagie Brundert and Gabriele Kahnert?
If not, there's a super opportunity between 8 -13 June to see these and many, many other films by the duo.

Heading layer
Interview with Monika Funke Stern

3 May 2021
attaque(e)r le visible interviewed Monika Funke Stern about her films and her practice. Find out how Monika Funke Stern got to the camera and why she loves video too ...

Corporal Interventions Monika Funke Stern
4 May 2021
Corporal Interventions:
Monika Funke Stern

29 April 2021
In May we continue with experimental film from the 80s. and we will present three films by Monika Funke Stern.

Videofest #1
27-28 March
Videofest #1

20 March 2021
On the 27th attaque(e)r le visible starts the Berlin edition with Videofest #1!

Come by between Saturday 12:00 and Sunday 22:00!

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