attaque(e)r le visible

12 April 2016

Zina Saro Wiwa, Vesna Bukovec & Amirah Tajdin

There is a point of contact: feminity
Feminity: simultaneously drowning in phantasies, artificial creations, wishes, norms of the reality.
There is no road to absolute knowledge.
Rather a kind of wandering, tasting, an audio-visual exploration without definite end.
Are you sure what you are going to be in a second? “How puzzling all these changes are!” – said Alice


Zina Saro Wiwa

Deliverance of Comfort, Nigeria, 2010, 7 mins
Phyllis, Nigeria, 2010, 16 mins

Vesna Bukovec

I Can Create Positive Change, Slovenia, 2010, 2 mins
Everything I Eat Turns to Health, Beauty and Love, Slovenia, 2010, 4 mins
I Trust in the Process of Life, Slovenia, 2010, 3 mins
I Love Myself For Who I Am, Slovenia, 2010, 3 mins

Amirah Tajdin

Fluorescent Sin, Kenya, 2011, 8 mins
Minerva’s Lilies, VAE, 2016, 4 mins


Image credits: image 1 Zina Saro Wiwa; image 2 Vesna Bukovec ; image 3 Amirah Tajdin