attaque(e)r le visible


attaque(e)r le visible is an experimental film platform for projections, meetings, talks, book presentations and lectures. Older experimental films as well as the most recent developments of the genre find a place here. attaque(e)r le visible is dedicated to films which perturb the consistency and illusionism of the classical film by consciously referring to the technical embeddedness of the film, its incoherence and materiality. The works on display are marked by refusing stereotypical images and linear narration, their critical position towards the co-world, normative visibilities, forms and bodies. In short, it is about films which do not trust the self-evident, and for which the word ’normally‘ does not exist.

attaque(e)r le visible sees itself as a platform for experimental film that not only shows films but also contextualises and historicises them. For this purpose, on the one hand, we publish brochures with materials from the time when the films were made. On the other hand, attaque(e)r le visible counteracts the canon with the means of oral history by recording video interviews with the film makers and making them freely available here.

After stops in Paris, Kassel and Cologne, attaque(e)r le visible now continues in Berlin in collaboration with the Raum für drastische Maßnahmen.                                                                  

attaque(e)r le visible is curated by lawinia rate.