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June 8-13 2021  

Brundert & Kahnert

It was love at first sight: Dagie Brundert, Gabriele Kahnert, and the Super 8 camera. Their paths crossed around 1987 when Dagie and Gabriele were studying at the HdK in Berlin. In these years Super 8 was booming, especially in Berlin. A characteristic feature of their films is their lengthor rather their brevity. The most extreme examples are not longer than a minute [!] Dagie and Gabriele always shot quickly and at little expense, but behind each film there is always a great story, for example an unhappy love, longing or a dip in salad water. With a lot of humour, punk and serenity, they roamed around with their Super 8 camera.                                                                                                                                                                                                       But as life goes, nothing lasts forever. Also Dagie’s and Gabriele’s ways parted in the 90s. Dagie turned to animated films then and Gabriele continued making Super 8 films before finally switching to photography.

The projection will take place in the basement of Raum für drastische Maßnahmen  /Oderstr. 34, 10247 Berlin – Friedrichshain/ in the form of an installation. It can be visited from June 8 to 13 between 4 and 7 pm. Attention, the basement is unfortunately not barrier-free.


Watch out!1987 – 3:47 mins – b/w – Super 8

Directors: Dagie Brundert & Gabriele Kahnert

The legendary Salatfilm from 1987 … Mama Brundert at the sink and our fellow students in the swimming pool!

Hamburg – 1987 – 4:40 mins – b/w – Super 8

Directors: Dagie Brundert & Gabriele Kahnert

Early in the morning at the Hamburg fish market and then there’s the Elbe. And a sock. And who is that guy in the kitchen?

That’s Life 1988 – 11:12 mins – coloranimation – Super 8

Directors: Dagie Brundert & Gabriele Kahnert

Who still knows cigarette pictures? From the last millennium? We found a scrapbook at the flea market with these half rotten, beautiful pictures. Actors from Hollywood and elsewhere, glamorous and now all dead. We invented a story about love and madness, jealousy and death, Hansi and … what was the name of the lover who shot himself in the night with a hunting rifle? with a hunting rifle? Victor. And at the end, the good nurse Paula and her brother Attila pray at the grave.

Les histoires d’amour finissent mal – en général …

Men Smell Like Fish – 1989 – 13 seconds – Super 8

Directors: Dagie Brundert & Gabriele Kahnert

In our first projector we bought, we found an interesting film snippet.

Fish of No Return – 1989 – 55 seconds – Super 8

Directors: Dagie Brundert & Gabriele Kahnert

Bad weather, bad sound, punky feel. And sorry to all the letter carriers of this world.

Travels Through Germany – Part 1 – 1989 – 1:26 mins – color – Super 8

Director: Gabriele Kahnert

The East is reaping the harvest. The West too.

Travels Through Germany – Part 2 – 1990 – 3:38 mins – color – Super 8

Director: Gabriele Kahnert

Hassloch is statistically the most German town in Germany.

Günther 1989 – 1 min – color – Super 8

Director: Gabriele Kahnert

I found Günther at the flea market and immediately fell in love.

Coco ImmerPreis – 1989 – 1:19 mins – color – Super 8

Director: Gabriele Kahnert

Hello, I am Coco the monkey! Here comes a coconut!

Kanufilm – 1987 – 2 mins – color – Super 8

Director: Gabriele Kahnert

And once I grow up, I’ll sail across the sea.

Barbie Dolls Tip Over 1988 – 3:21 mins – Super 8

Directors: Dagie Brundert & Gesine Jochems

One after the other …

The 3-Corner Fish – 1989 – 25 seconds – Super 8

Director: Dagie Brundert

My fish, it has 3 corners …

Pedestrian Films – 1989 – 5:33 mins – Super 8

Director: Dagie Brundert

The more you walk over the sign, the less you know.



Dagie Brundert

I was born in a small town in the middle of West Germany. In my twenties I moved to Berlin and studied visual arts / experimental film. Fell in love with my super 8 camera (Nizo) in 1988. Since then I try to be a particle-finder, a wave-catcher and a good story-teller. I carry my super 8 camera with me travelling, walking around, eyes open and antennas upright. I try to absorb weird beautiful things from this world. Chew them and spit them out again.


Gabriele Kahnert

is a photographer and filmmaker. She studied humanities as well as visual communication and experimental film design at the UdK with Heinz Emigholz. Strongly influenced by experimental film and her practical experience with the super-8 camera, Kahnert found her artistic language in conceptual photography and documentary film. Among her works are the book “Stages of Power-Images from Bonn and Berlin”, in which she photographically explores spaces of politics, and the ongoing project, in which she documents Christmas. She made several experimental films with Dagie Brundert, most recently a documentary about the music and the fans of the band Calexico.