attaque(e)r le visible


29 July 2017

Mayfield Brooks, Penda Diakite, Muyassar Kurdi & Evelin Stermitz


Mayfield Brooks
Erzulie’s Tears, 2007, 12 mins

Penda Diakite
Diary of Reflection, 2012, 3 mins
Word from a Silence, 2014, 6 mins

Muyassar Kurdi
Travelling, 2017, 10 mins (German premiere!)

Evelin Stermitz
Land of Oz, 2008, 24 mins
Red Velvet, 2006, 10 mins

Muyassar Kurdi’s film “Travelling” will celebrate its German premiere at this evening. The artist will be present for a short Q&A session after the screening.