attaque(e)r le visible

2.10.2022  20:00


Innovating the possibilities of media re-use, feeding-back and looping round of text, and the layering of the voices, this multi-layered multimedia live ZOOM poetry performance is a colourful, immersive, textured, organic and disorienting montage of young queer experience told through my own personal autobiography. There are so many different references to decades of British history though different registers of image-making, language and bodies through a complex repetitive system of layering making the viewer continually question how many layers there are. The images comprising the ZOOM green screen video effect include drawings and painting from my personal archive as an artist of over 25 years .


Dr Lee Campbell is an artist, performance poet, poetry filmmaker, writer, and Senior Lecturer at University of the Arts London. Lee had his first solo exhibition of his poetry films, See Me: Performance Poetry Films at Fountain Street, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A (2022). Lee has a long history of performance practice, performing across the UK and internationally since 2000. These include solo performances Experimental Comedy Training Camp Public Performances, The Banff Centre, Canada, Archipelago, Cafe Gallery Projects, London, Noisy Image, Cafe OTO, Whitstable Biennale, Whitstable, FRESH, Reading. Publications of his poetry include Hakara: A Bi-Lingual Journal of Creative Expression, The Atticus Review, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Untitled. Voices, Gob Jaw Anthology 2019-2022, Issue Two: Wasteland, Powders Press, Otherwise, You Are Here – The Journal of Creative Geography, Queerlings – A Literary Magazine for Queer Writing and New Note Poetry (forthcoming).