attaque(e)r le visible



Dan Dansen, Survivor Manifesto – The Art of Making Kin, HD Video, 2022, 11 mins

What if we lived in a society in which people who harmed and people who were harmed could heal simultaneously? Survivor Manifesto is a video essay on survivorhood in which trauma survivors cast a wild vision of a utopian society. The experimental film unfolds a hypnotic undertow that pulls the spectator into a journey from despair to self-love.


Karen Akerman & Miguel Seabra Lopes, confidente (EN. Confident), dig. 16 mm, 2016, 12 mins

If I didn’t blossom, if I remained unbloomed, it’s because my roots were poisoned. I know it’s false, an induced error, but… this is me.


Rojin Shafiei, One Day, HD Video, 2015, 3 mins

One Day is an experimental video created using a single image. The photograph used is the first ever taken by the artist with her film camera in Toronto. The film was developed six years later, after the artist had decided to make Toronto her permanent home following periods of living in Iran, Montreal, and Europe.


Francesca Svampa, Agua y más agua (EN. Water and More Water), dig. 8 mm, 2022, 6 mins

A dreamlike portrait of Barcelona, shot in double exposure on reversible 8mm film, is interwoven with an intimate “I remember” voice, creating a collage of memories à la Brainard and Pérec. The director’s personal micro-memories, as a woman, filmmaker and immigrant, evoque the spirit of a time that may never return, constructing a communal heritage.


Mats Landström, Transmission, HD Video, 2020, 5 mins

A woman listens carefully to the tapes. Is there something hidden in what she hears? A secret message?


Aino El Solh, Sensing You, HD Video, 2005, 8 mins

The piece is filmed in a shooting lane in Helsinki and in its focus is the eye of the person who shoots. The piece is a play between the spectator and the artist, since the spectator is looking at the eye on the screen, and the eye seems to look at the spectator.


Kôichi Nabeshima, Condenser du lait (EN. Milk Condensation), dig. 16 mm, 2022, 9 mins

This film is part of Temps dense, a series of projects that explore a certain method of human perception by eliciting the movement of light and its effects on the image and emphasizing seeing as the act of understanding the existence going through the black screen.


Eili Bråstad, The Me in the Mirror is Left-Handed, dig. Super 8, 2023, 2 mins

A dream like montage of a person self-examining, reflecting on, and recognising themself.