attaque(e)r le visible




Anna Malina Zemlianski, {ölmondnacht} (EN. Oil Moon Night), dig. Animation, 2022, 6 mins

A revenge fantasy. A corrupted & glitched daydream. A futile endeavor to cope with visions of terror… Sunflower Fields Forever! I cut scenes from various films by necrorealist filmmaker Yevgeni Yufit into a new narrative influenced by the pain unleashed by russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine.


T. J. Blanco, Dreams Under Pressure, HD Video, 2023, 8 mins

Dreams Under Pressure considers the revolutionary potential of dreaming. Functioning as a Rorschach test for the collective unconscious, the film looks toward a new framework for understanding resistance and rest. 


Saif Alsaegh, Bitter with a Shy Taste of Sweetness, HD Video, 2019, 9 mins

Bitter with a Shy Taste of Sweetness contrasts the fragmented past of the filmmaker growing up in Baghdad with his surreal California present. Through poetic writing and jarring visuals, the film creates a calm and cruel sense of memory and landscape.


Eva Baussart, Bone & Rubben, dig. Animation, 2023, 3 mins

Bone & Rubber tells the love story between a bone and a deflated alien balloon.


Daniela Lucato, To Mahsa, HD Video, 2023, 2 mins

To Mahsa is an experimental work made after the tragic death of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini. A tempt of solidarity with the women of Iran and with any woman who fights for freedom and human rights.


Daniel Cortés, Medusa Dreaming, HD Video, 2023, 8 mins

Medusa is a priestess turned into a chthonic monster, the only mortal gorgon who freezes with her gaze those who want to kill her. From her blood new gorgons are born as her tentacles stretch across space and time, capable of crossing dimensions and universes. Medusa curses the power that condemned her while she foretells a revenge that does not give up.


Johannes Gierlinger, In Platons Höhle (EN. In Plato’s Cave), dig. 16 mm, 2018, 3 mins

In Platons Höhle is an essay about protest and the voices within it. “Sometimes we have to listen very carefully” …


Mélissa Faivre, The Becoming, HD Video, 2020, 6 mins

The Becoming is a fast-paced collage of animated photographs of ink paintings as well as video material of extinct and living species of fish, reptiles and birds. The superposition of different life forms with nature expresses the idea of regeneration.


Sun Fanxi (孙凡), The Introspection of Denied Agency, dig. 16 mm, 2023, 8 mins

Gestures evoke sensual responses while sound deepens the mesmerizing atmosphere. There are, at the same time, a heightened sense of reality and no definition of real at all. The neutral state is not revealed until the very end.


Oz Psyrince, Ars Gratia Artis, 2013, HD Video, 2 mins

Pandora is a lady who is dreaming, and we are the viewers of her imaginary space.