attaque(e)r le visible



Tiffany Jiang, Results May Vary, HD Video, 2022, 4 mins

A short film about memory, family, and archives.


Om Bori, 3,267 Footsteps, HD Video, 2014, 10 mins

I trace my quotidian commute between my home, my school, and my grandmother’s place in the city of Budapest by way of an algorithm for stereoscopic street imaging. This form of datafied subjectivity is contrasted with a three-part interview I conducted with denizens of a bar about stories relating to their lives and places in Budapest.


Ramy Ghanem, Aligning the Printhead, HD Video, 2023, 5 mins

I designed a text on flight from my reading of Dialogues by Gilles Deleuze & Claire Pernet, 1980. This work attempts to capture and depict the intensity and fragmentation of thought experienced during the act of flight.


Elma Riza, Aïn, HD Video, 2022, 10 mins

«Aïn» means «spring» in Arabic. This video tells the story of a spring that runs dry. We see the palm grove of Nefta, this unique place full of history, source of inspiration for literature, source of natural resources for a city … It is a metaphor of the source, of its search, of its loss, around an object, the branch of the date palm dried, stripped of its attributes.


Ellen Maiorano, Kottbusser Lore, HD Video, 2023, 7 mins

Kottbusser Lore is built from excerpts of Ellen’s previous longer films, old clips abandoned on her hard drive and new experiments she had yet to complete. This was paired with voiceovers sharing personal memories and thoughts, as well as found audio. The result is a collage of analogue and digital, abstract and narrative all joined together and recontextualised.


Guido Devadder & Kaitlin McSweeney, Hungry Ghost, dig. Animation, 2022, 7 mins

A poetic journey through the hazy underworld of human desire, eternal and insatiable — visualised in a series of zoetrope animations.


Angela Christlieb, Pompeji, HD Video, 2023, 6 mins

With this hybrid composed of documentary film and performance video, in split-screen format, the artist guides the audience on a spherical journey through perfectly composed image collages that open up painterly insight into the ambivalences of artistic attitudes, and the methods of contemporary music production.


Dagmar Schürrer, Dreaming is the Mind Left to Itself, dig. Animation, 2022, 5 mins

In Dreaming is the Mind Left to Itself I deal with similarities between different states of consciousness – the waking reality, the digital realm, the dream world, drug induced conditions, spiritual meditations – and our feeling of individual presence in them. Each of them having their purpose and allowing humans to access different constructions of reality.