attaque(e)r le visible




Pauline Moussours, Cette histoire existe (EN. This Story Exists), HD Video, 2023, 18 mins

Halfway through a summer I’m alone in Quiraing, a vast plateau surrounded by cliffs in the northern part of the Skye Island. The wind dives into my skin. I gaze at the shore, and I hear something echoing in the far distance. A voice, almost a song.


Hogan Seidel, Konstantin, dig. 16 mm, 2023, 3 mins

Konstantin is an experimental film shot on high-contrast black and white 16 mm film using a single 100 ft reel. The film is an in-camera edit with triple exposures, creating a layered and complex visual language. Through this aesthetic, the piece explores themes of queer love and queer ecology.


Robin Riad, Fragmentasia, dig. Super 8 & 16 mm, 2023, 3 mins

An exploration of the sense of self, through kaleidoscopic imagery, distorted sounds, and a flurry of colours. Fragmentasia is a self-reflexive short, shot on 16 mm and Super 8, using animation techniques, prisms, and mirrors, to examine the outward self versus the internal self.


Captain Fiffy, Wassermusik (EN. Water Music), HD Video, 2022, 8 mins

Is it a pop-cultural forest fairy performing ritual ablutions on the banks of her small pond with a dog and a plastic flamingo? Or is she an archaic goddess with a radiant crown who was thrown out of a time machine into a garbage dump?


Wout Biesmans, The One Close to the Sea, HD Video, 2023, 8 mins

The One Close to the Sea shows the immersion of a filmmaker in a Scottish landscape. Not a narrative representation of what happens on the surface of this landscape, but the search for a simple rhythm, that lies underneath this landscape and makes up its essence.


Marte Hodne Haugen, Content Moderator, HD Video, 2022, 8 mins

Content moderator is a music video based on Haugen’s experience working as a content moderator for a large social media company. The song is self-composed and describes different aspects of the job.


Camille Pueyo, Disparition(s), dig. Super 8, 2022, 3 mins

Disparition(s) mixes reflections on the gender violence suffered by the director with their reflections on the imminent disappearance of the island of their childhood. Patriarchal capitalism pushes both of them to withdraw from the world, to find shelter far from their assailants. But for one as for the other, is there anything else to consider than disappearance?


Claudia Claremi, Hailstone, HD Video, 2021, 3 mins

Hailstone, is a condensation of images from 2020 in Super 8 film. The work, composed of moments lived or seen through screens—such as video calls, Instagram lives, home videos or TV broadcasts—, solidifies a piece of the collective memory of the year of the pandemic.


Elena Knox, Ovation, HD Video, 2013, 6 mins

Two gameshow hostesses communicate through their allotted medium: applause. The abstract O could represent infinity, zen, null, surprise, completion, emptiness, birth, death, even sexual climax. The women who usually occupy a supporting role have created a new language, mesmerising in its skill, drive, and efficiency.