attaque(e)r le visible


18:00 Screening Session III

Anna Salzberg & Mehdi Ahoudig, On ira à Neuilly inch’alla (EN We are going to Neuilly, inch’alla), digitised 16 mm, 2015, 20 min

This is a story of a protests by young Vélib workers who learn about the struggle and try to organise themselves. It is also a story of an encounter between image and sound.


Anna Salzberg is a film director, camera operator, sound recordist, and sound editor, who studied social sciences and political science in Paris. Anna encountered documentary film at the video workshop of the Santé prison in Paris in 2001. There she shot her first images and made short films. Together with the prisoners of the workshop and the director Anne Toussaint she participated in the film “Fragments d’une rencontre”. Anna is a member of the analog labs Etna and Abominable where she works with super 8 and 16 mm film. She has also made sound documentaries for ARTE Radio.

Mehdi Ahoudig is a sound and film director who first worked for contemporary dance and theatre, from where he gradually moved on to radio. His documentaries have an ambitious sound dimension. In 2011, he co-directed “À l’abri de rien” with Samuel Bollendorff, which won the Prix Europa in the online category. In 2015, he made “Poudreuse dans la Meuse”, which was produced by Arte Radio and awarded the Prix Europa for the best radio documentary and the Prix Grandes Ondes 2017 in Brest. He has been teaching documentary sound techniques in Arles since 2002.

Florine Mougel, Peuplades (EN Tribes), HD, 2017, 12:13 min

Performance : Elsa Mourlam

Men of Western culture live on chairs. Unable to limit their bodies to the seated position and their desire for movement, some tribes reject the sedentary lifestyle and thus, try to domesticate the chair. Above all, they adapt their mobility and their behavior to the possibility of this body flexion, in search of a new form of existence, of a new identity.


Florine Mougel is a french media artist based in Rennes. She obtained a BA degree in Audiovisual and Cinema studies at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris and in Fine Art at the School of Art and Design of Marseille. She was recently graduated from Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria, where she researched on the poetic of flows. Immersed in nostalgic atmospheres, she stages associative arrays linked to the sense of loss and wandering.

Daniela Lucato, SMOKE, HD, 2021, 1:33 min

Smoke is a reflection on our concept of space during COVID. How do we feel when we are forced to use space in a different way? How are our feelings changing, the way we also perceive time in the same space? I titled this work Smoke because it is the image that comes to my mind when I think about this moment: symbolically it represents the unclear way we look at the world now. Which kind of projections do we have about us in relation to our environment? Are our longings changing? Or are we the same people with a different consciousness? Who are we in this new constellation?


Daniela Lucato started playing theatre in Padua (Italy) parallel to her Philosophy studies. After her degree she moved to Rome, then to Wellington to finally settle up in Berlin where she works as an actress/filmmaker. Her first film The Birthday (2014), written/directed in mandarin/english language, has been officially selected from 25 international festivals (among these Micgenero, Frameline, and Shanghai Pride where the film was also nominated for the best cinematography). In 2015 she founded the Connecting Fingers Company. 2018 she received the award as best international short film at DUAF/Tribeca Film Center.

Eugenia Grammenou, Homeland I, SD, 2021, 5:46

According to Roland Barthes, one’s homeland is one’s childhood taking us where memories have formed our first homeland, the primordial and decisive one. Homeland I, is a video about the sense of that place. What is it exactly? Each person is formed through childhood memories and recalling these memories, one performs a peculiar patriotic recognition of the first and fundamental homeland of their existence. Without liking at all narrow categorizations like video poetry, poem film/video, experimental etc because I believe that they can’t describe the hugeness of an art work, I think that Homeland I is an art work – inquiry about homeland. It walks on the sensitive line that connect memory and identity, then and now.


Eugenia Grammenou is a interdisciplinary artist from Greece working on various media ranging from drawing, installation, video art, performance and writing. Issues such as human nature and inner contradictions, depictions of human condition, identity, time, personal and collective memory concern her and she explores them through drawing, video, installations, performance and writing. Received a degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts AUTh in Thessaloniki, Greece and completed the Master Degree Course at the Cultural Organizations Management (MSc), specializing in the social role of the museum. Right now Eugenia is PhD candidate at The School of Drama Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2019).

Ozgur Ozcan, Born!, HD Animation, 2013, 5:30 min

Born! is a self-made experimental movie; it is a short animated abstract fiction piece. The apprentice in the video play lives an ascension and faces paradigmatic enigmas relating to the self’s dilemmas and conflicts. The courageous motto of the film is: “Snatch your navel and born!”.


Berlin resident independent artist-philosopher. Graduated with a Bachelor’s from the Eastern Mediterranean Uni, Cyprus – Communication Faculty in 2001. He stayed in Barcelona between 2003 – 2005 to do a self-thought art education. In 2008 he received his first experimental movie award from the Int. Ankara Film Fest. Since then his shorts screened in world-famous festivals like the Int. Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Int. Sexy Film Fest Paris, Int. Short Film Fest Mannheim 2014, Int. Directors Lounge Berlin 2014, Int. ShortCutz Berlin and the Int. Berlin Science Fiction Film Festival etc… At the moment he is producing his recent award-winning short script “The Terror Trilogy”.


Matteo Campulla, BE HERE NOW – the glitch of being in the society of continuous present, HD, 2022, 3:33 min

Are we really living in an interesting times of change or is it just an illusion? Each insignificant event is emphasized, where the expectation of an event is more important than reality itself. A present that repeats itself always the same has canceled our future, leaving only time to wait. Entertained by our psychoses, we exist waiting for the only real change: not existing at all. Do we really care? Or is being here now the only thing that really matters? Are we only monkeys bored in the sun?


Matteo Campulla (Iglesias, Sardinia – 1982) is an interdisciplinary artist, influenced by contemporary culture and the contamination between languages. He works mainly through digital and new media, mixing his artistic training with what he learned as a television production technician, who therefore finds his greatest expression in sound and video. He immediately uses the glitch and the error as an aesthetic description of the contemporary crisis of the individual and his perception of reality, in the loop of the hyper-connected everyday life.