attaque(e)r le visible


9-10 June 2023

Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, Oderstr. 34, Berlin-Friedrichshain

An anti-salon for experimental film and video? Yes, the VIDEOAKTION, organised by attaque(e)r le visible, wants to provide such a place in Berlin. Twice a year, it gives the opportunity to informally and non-competitively present new experiments with moving images and to put them up for discussion. The focus is on coming together, exchange, and, of course, on the question of the current condition of the experiment today and the possibilities of cinematic or media interventions in the visible. Analogue, digital, AI, Ciné-performance, Ciné-poem, Expanded Cinema performances: we are curious about all formats.

9 June 2023


Dan Dansen, Survivor Manifesto – The Art of Making Kin, HD Video, 2022, 11 mins

Karen Akerman & Miguel Seabra Lopes, confidente (EN. Confident), dig. 16 mm, 2016, 12 mins

Rojin Shafiei, One Day, HD Video, 2015, 3 mins

Francesca Svampa, Agua y más agua (EN. Water and More Water), dig. 8 mm, 2022, 6 mins

Mats Landström, Transmission, HD Video, 2020, 5 mins

Aino El Solh, Sensing You, HD Video, 2005, 8 mins

Kôichi Nabeshima, Condenser du lait (EN. Milk Condensation), dig. 16 mm, 2022, 9 mins

Eili Bråstad, The Me in the Mirror is Left-Handed, dig. Super 8, 2023, 2 mins



Deborah S. Phillips & Roswitha Baumeister

_Mit Zwischenraum_



Anna Malina Zemlianski, {ölmondnacht}, dig. Animation, 2022, 6 mins

T. J. Blanco, Dreams Under Pressure, HD Video, 2023, 8 mins

Saif Alsaegh, Bitter with a Shy Taste of Sweetness, HD Video, 2019, 9 mins

Eva Baussart, Bone & Rubben, dig. Animation, 2023, 3 mins

Daniela Lucato, To Mahsa, HD Video, 2023, 2 mins

Daniel Cortés, Medusa Dreaming, HD Video, 2023, 8 mins

Johannes Gierlinger, In Platons Höhle, dig. 16 mm, 2018, 3 mins

Mélissa Faivre, The Becoming, HD Video, 2020, 6 mins

Fanxi Sun (孙凡浠), The Introspection of Denied Agency, dig. 16mm, 2023, 8 mins

Oz Psyrince, Ars Gratia Artis, 2013, HD Video, 2 mins


10 June 2023


Tiffany Jiang, Results May Vary, HD Video, 2022, 4 mins

Om Bori, 3,267 Footsteps, HD Video, 2014, 10 mins

Ramy Ghanem, Aligning the Printhead, HD Video, 2023, 5 mins

Elma Riza, Aïn, HD Video, 2022, 10 mins

Ellen Maiorano, Kottbusser Lore, HD Video, 2023, 7 mins

Guido Devadder & Kaitlin McSweeney, Hungry Ghost, dig. Animation, 2022, 7 mins

Angela Christlieb, Pompeji, HD Video, 2023, 6 mins

Dagmar Schürrer, Dreaming is the Mind Left to Itself, dig. Animation, 2022, 5 mins


20:45 AR Station

Dagmar Schürrer, Dreaming is the Mind Left to Itself



Pauline Moussours, Cette histoire existe, HD Video, 2023, 18 mins

Hogan Seidel, Konstantin, dig. 16 mm, 2023, 3 mins

Robin Riad, Fragmentasia, dig. Super 8 & 16 mm, 2023, 3 mins

Captain Fiffy, Wassermusik (EN. Water Music), HD Video, 2022, 8 mins

Wout Biesmans, The One Close to the Sea, HD Video, 2023, 8 mins

Marte Hodne Haugen, Content Moderator, HD Video, 2022, 8 mins

Camille Pueyo, Disparition(s), dig. Super 8, 2022, 3 mins

Claudia Claremi, Hailstone, HD Video, 2021, 3 mins

Elena Knox, Ovation, HD Video, 2013, 6 mins


Free admission. Donations are very much appreciated!!!

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