attaque(e)r le visible

2.10.2022   18:00
Screening Session V


Milica Jovcic & Nenad Cosic, Film Diaries, ditalised 9,5 mm, 2022, 20:05 min

Based on 9.5 mm found footage filmed by a Belgrade cine amateur between the two world wars, this film looks into the private family archive as a reflection of Yugoslav history. Following the life of his family in the country that was rebuilt and disappeared again, it confirms the words of Claude Simon that “although it repeats itself – history should be repeated by every individual in his generation”.


Milica Jovcic is a visual artist and filmmaker from Belgrade, Serbia. Her work is comprised of experimental films and audiovisual performances, where she often uses home and amateur movies from Yugoslavia.

Nenad Cosic is a film director from Belgrade, Serbia. His work is based on found footage and analogue films. Through the form of documentary and experimental film, he deals with the re-examination of historical documents.


Kiki Febriyanti, 123-19, HD, 2020, 3 min

123-19 is a video project that I started at the beginning of 2020 when the first lock-down in Indonesia and several countries started in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I documented the Covid-19 protocol in my daily routine when this new reality felt surrealist, like a movie. Every day I heard the announcement to follow the Covid-19 protocol through the loud speaker in my apartment. This new reality gives some of us anxiety and on the other side to wear mask protects us not only to from the virus but it also becomes a new fashion.


Kiki Febriyanti is Indonesian artist and filmmaker. She is a self-taught filmmaker who has directed a number of documentary films and videos. Kiki holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Indonesian Literature, and in 2015, she was awarded a John Darling Fellowship to study visual anthropology at the Australian National University in Canberra. She is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Mélissa Faivre, Under the Midnight Sun, HD, 2022, 9:52 min

Under the Midnight Sun is a dance of light and shadows, textured gray scale expanding across the landscape of an apocalyptic city. The sun is moon and light. It unveils itself by means of visual pulsating dynamics, unstable frequencies and vibrating rhythms; until it disintegrates into particles and pixels, and vanishes into darkness. This visual-musical piece is dark, worrying and calls to sensorial explorations into deeper energies.

Sound by YOKE

Mastering by Cyril Meysson


Mélissa Faivre, born 1989 in France, is an experimental video artist based in Berlin. She attained a Bachelor of Design from Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013. Her contemplative and mesmerising work seeks to provoke questions on the nature of perception. By experimenting with editing techniques, she creates images that present blended and distorted realities that seek to test the temporal and spatial coordinates foundational to the perceptive experience.


MATERNAL FANTASIES, Suspended Time, on Caring, HD, 2020, 12 min

In Suspended Time, On Caring we combine colourful tableaux vivants – re-stagings of art historical references – with chimerically orchestrated scenes, and playful and improvised performances in a low-tech, DIY-style surrealist setting. Through interactions between bodies, objects, and spaces, mothers and children re-re-re-assemble and turn maternal fantasies into playful experiences, personal narratives into social questions, and body dimensions into fields of interaction.

Current members of MATERNAL FANTASIES are Aino El Solh, Hanne Klaas, Isabell Spengler, Lena Chen, Magdalena Kallenberger, Maicyra Leao, Mikala Hyldig Dal.


MATERNAL FANTASIES is an interdisciplinary group of international artists and cultural producers based in Berlin. They shape the discourse on motherhood through collective artistic processes while enhancing the visibility of contemporary feminist positions addressing motherhood(s) in the arts. From writing autobiographical responses to classic feminist texts to devising performances using children’s games, their art practice favours inclusive community-oriented experiments as alternatives to traditional structures of art production. Bridging theory and practice, their strategy transforms research on motherhood(s), care work and representation in the arts into frameworks for immersive modes of critique.

MATERNAL FANTASIES are recipients of the Artist Advancement Award 2019/20 of the Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung.


Grant Sissons,The Empathy Machine, HD, 2022, 9:28 min

Thembisile is a gifted neuroscientist. She dreams of building a machine that will facilitate the download of consciousness, and as its end purpose, facilitate the engendering of empathy. Progress on the machine is brought to a halt by the sudden death of her young daughter, Khanyisile. Thembi then uses the machine to attempt to reconnect with her daughter’s downloaded consciousness. For Thembi, it’s a means of dealing with grief and a form of catharsis, but a process that will also bring its own painful realisations.


Grant Sissons has a Master’s degree in the Arts. He is an awarding-winning multi-disciplinary artist, who uses videography and editing, illustration, music composition and production to tell stories, always with a focus on communicating deeper more primal/archetypal messages through whatever artistic medium and genre.


May Ziadé, Mrs El Araby, digitised Super 8, 2021, 1:24 min

Mrs El Araby explores the restricted space within which Arab women are allowed to exist in Western Media.

Funded by the MENA Arts Centre UK


May Ziadé is a French-Lebanese film worker and filmmaker based in London. Her work often investigates the physical and emotional unfoldings of the cultural and social pressures to conform. She is currently in pre-production on her first high-end short film Neo Nahda, which is supported by the BFI Network. Neo Nahda tells the story of a young Arab woman in London who finds archival images of women cross-dresssing in Cairo in the 1920s and goes on a feverish journey of uncovering lost histories and her own identity.